STEAM Education stimulates innovation, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills


Our policy is to place students in their age-appropriate grade level. We also take into consideration a student’s previous school experience. This is done on a case by case.

We do not have an entrance test but assess students in their initial weeks on a range of measures to ensure they are fitting in to the program.

AISM will differentiate to the general rule, in rare cases, given the wide variety of school systems and backgrounds of AISM students, the goal is to find the instructional environment that will challenge but not frustrate the student by being too easy or too difficult.

STEAM Education stimulates innovation, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills


Choosing the right school is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. And we make it our priority to ensure your admission experience is friendly and tailored to your specific requirements.

Please do contact us to arrange a visit or simply to have a chat, so that you can find out more about what American International School can offer your child.

Please find more information about our fees and tuition policies below.

With each application made to our School, we charge a fee of 3,000 SEK per child. This Application Fee is non-refundable. In cases where an application is made and the offer is declined, the fee will be retained. However, in unusual circumstances when we are unable to offer your child a place, the fee will be reimbursed. 

* Important: All applications must be accompanied by the necessary documents , plus the online payment for the admissions process to start.

A single one-off payment of 25,000 SEK per student. This is a one-time fee charged the first year the child attends AISM and will be invoiced upon acceptance. This is non-refundable and payable in full even if a student only attends for part of the school year.

This is payable yearly and in advance, and is, for each school year, payable in two equal installments against invoices issued by AISM. Student’s enrolling at AISM for the second term of the school year are only required to pay 50% of the Annual Tuition Fee.

Annual Tuition Fees 2022-2023

   Grade                             Fee

Kindergarten                  72,000 SEK

Grade 1 – 5                     84,000 SEK

Grade 6 – 8                     96,000 SEK

Grade 9 – 10                  108,000 SEK

Grade 11 – 12                120,000 SEK

Application Fee:

For your application to be considered, you will be asked to pay an application fee of 3,000 SEK per child (“Application Fee”). The Application Fee is a one-time fee to be paid at the time of application to AISM. Payment of the Application Fee must be made before the application of a student can be considered. The Application Fee is refundable upon request if the applicant is not admitted to AISM. The Application Fee is however not refundable if the applicant is admitted to AISM.

Enrollment Fee:

The enrollment fee is a one-time fee of 25,000 SEK per child to be paid when the child has been provisionally accepted at AISM.

Annual Tuition Fee:

The annual tuition fee is an annual fee calculated based on the relevant grade (“Annual Tuition Fee”). The Annual Tuition Fee is payable in advance in two equal installments. Students enrolling at AISM for the second term of a school year are only required to pay 50 % of the Annual Tuition Fee. Students are enrolled for the complete term and AISM will not reduce or refund any part of the Annual Tuition Fee for a term or any other fee, due to delayed entry, absence or withdrawal.

Meet our Admissions Team

Whether you think you may be relocating to Sweden in the future, or if you live here already and are just exploring alternatives, we welcome you to contact us. We are happy to help with even the most tentative of enquiries so please do not hesitate to contact us.